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Porsche Carrera 3.0 1976

The Porsche 911 ‘Carrera 3.0′ has a very special place in the history of the Porsche 911.

International Scout (SOLD)

This 1978 International Scout II 4×4 is complete original and in an excellent condition. The 71315 MILES are original and the has still its first paint. In and outside complete original.

Rolls Royce Corniche Coupe

It’s being said that this Rolls Royce Corniche was sold to the Danish embassy in Bruxelles and handled through the hands of Novarobel S.A.

Porsche 911 2.4T 1972 ölklappe (SOLD)

This Porsche 911 T Targa is one of the 1513 produced 911 models with the so-called ‘oelklappe’.

Porsche 928 GTS 1995

“This is a “he” man car, its a brute, its the kind of thing that would go out and … and eat some tractor… for fun.  I Wish Porsche still made it today….. instead of that silly Cayenne” (Jeremy Clarkson)

Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV by Bertone

This 1987 Lamborghini Countach is widely regarded as one of the most well-conceived vehicles to date, in addition to being one of the most exclusive!

Porsche 964 C4 1992 (SOLD)

Type 964 is Porsche’s internal code name for the 911 Carrera 2 and 911 Carrera 4 models, which were badged simply as “Carrera 2” and “Carrera 4”.

Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

This beautiful Cadillac has been used in the movie ‘The Heineken kidnapping’

Porsche 993 Carrera RS (SOLD)

This 993 Carrera RS replica is in perfect condition and was imported in 2008 from Germany and was at that time already built largely with original RS components.

Maserati Bora 4.9 1973

In March 1971, the Bora was unveiled at Geneva, and once again, Maserati selected the name of a wind for its dramatic Giorgetto Giugiaro-designed (Ital Design) mid-engine GT.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II 1960

The Silver Cloud II was introduced in 1959. This 1960 car received an extensive cosmetic restoration including most of the technics in 200.

Iconic Cars

We collect, buy and sell iconic cars. It doesn’t matter which brand it is, as long as it makes our heart beat faster!

Road Ready

All our cars are delivered ‘road ready’. If you want, you can drive your car home the moment you bought it!

World Wide

We are experienced in shipping your car to any place around the globe. Within Europe we even can provide you with your own country vehicle registration plates.

Car Scouting

Finding your dream car can be a real hassle. We at Liberty Cars would be more than happy to assist you in finding your next car.


Liberty Cars Classics is specialized in exceptional automobiles. As classic car enthusiasts, we see the cars we collect, restore and sell as master pieces of art. Unlike old valuable paintings, cars can be touched, driven in and even take you back in time… a far more effective investment than just eye candy!

Classic cars make your heart beat faster and make you feel alive!

Investing in a Liberty Cars Classic is a guarantee that your vehicle is thoroughly checked both cosmetically and mechanically and if needed restored or repaired. If for some reason this can’t be done, just partially or the car is not completely original, we will always mention the reason in our record of the car. Everything is well documented and becomes part of the car it’s ongoing historical track record. Honesty is key!



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